How can counselling or therapy help me?

Counselling can provide a non-judgemental place for us to explore our concerns and all aspects of ourselves and our experience. It provides an opportunity for us to talk to someone objective who is outside of our situation and who is giving us their full attention.

A counsellor is someone who is trained to listen, to ask the right questions and to help you to make sense of your own situation or relationships. This process of exploration, where you are fully accepted and heard by the therapist, can bring new awareness which can, in turn, open up alternative possibilities and create additional choices. Sometimes it can feel like a bit of a “light bulb moment” when suddenly you see something differently, but more often it’s a gradual process of things shifting and new possibilities opening up.

Counselling is not about providing answers or telling you what to do, nor is it likely to make you feel better instantly. However counselling will offer a safe and supportive environment, as you begin to explore and engage with difficult situations or painful experiences, as well as someone who can help you find a meaningful way forward, in time, in that situation.

When you come to see me, there are a number of ways in which we can work. You might prefer just to sit and talk; but there might be times when you would like to make use of a range of creative materials including chalks, paint, plasticine, a sand tray, stones and shells. I have musical instruments available too, as well as rice paper and icing pens. These are all media which can be incorporated within our work, but I will tailor my approach to meet your specific needs, so that the way we work feels comfortable for you.

“You helped me to pull aside the layers protecting and shielding me from pain. You made me see that it was not wrong to enjoy myself and that doing things for me was not selfish or weak but made me stronger and more able to cope – thank you”