My name is Lorna Tredget and I bring nearly twenty years of experience in the counselling and mental health fields to my practice as a qualified Counsellor and Gestalt Therapist. I have worked within the NHS, Education, the Voluntary Sector and in private practice and currently manage a counselling service within a voluntary sector organisation as well as working privately.

As a counsellor I do not believe that one size fits all, but work in an integrative way, tailoring my approach to each individual client. Gestalt psychotherapy is a holistic therapy which can help you develop a sense of awareness of yourself, the situation or context you are in and how you function within that environment. With greater awareness, an increased number of choices or options about how you are and how you interact with others can become available.

Why counselling?

Many of us at some point in our lives encounter experiences or feelings that we find difficult to cope with on our own. Sometimes we turn to good friends and family for support; sometimes we may feel that we should be able to cope better or that we shouldn’t bother family and friends with our concerns. At other times we are faced with issues which we just cannot see our way through or feel like we’ve exhausted all the options available to us.

Counselling and therapy can offer a safe and confidential space to be heard and to begin to explore – with the support of the therapist – difficult or painful feelings and experiences. Counselling can also help you to become more aware of yourself and understand your own needs better.

Clear-cut situations like the loss of a job or change in role, the death of someone close to us, or relationship issues, may lead us to seek the extra support of a counsellor. However there are also times we can’t work out why we feel the way we do - we just feel overwhelmed, anxious, or lacking confidence in ourselves and our abilities – and it can be helpful to have someone supportive and objective to explore this with.

Counselling can also help facilitate personal development, enabling you to become more effective both in personal relationships and work settings. It can help you communicate better with others and through increased awareness of yourself and the context in which you operate, can bring about positive change.

“I just needed someone to talk to - there are things I can say to you that I just couldn’t say to my friends, and I can’t keep burdening my family, they’re so busy and have their own things to deal with...”