??? What is Gestalt Therapy? | Headroom Counselling
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How can therapy help me?

Therapy can help byproviding you with a non-judgemental place to explore your experience and personal issues. 

Counselling is not about providing answers or telling you what to do, nor is it likely to make you feel better instantly (you may even feel worse for a short time before you feel better). However, a counsellor is trained to listen and to help you explore what you are feeling and thinking in a safe environment so that you can make sense of difficult situations or experiences and find a better way forward for you.While our focus is on working on how we are in the present, it is with the awareness that past experiences and relationships may have an impact on how we are able to be now.

What is Gestalt Therapy

The word Gestalt is German and can most closely be translated as meaning “whole or “pattern”. So, in Gestalt Therapy, each individual is seen as affecting and being affected by the world they are part of, be that family, work, school, relationships or culture. It also sees us as being a whole being made up of body, mind, emotions and spirit, all of which linked to each other and impact on each other. 

Gestalt psychotherapy is a holistic therapy which aims to help you develop greater awareness of yourself, the situation or context you are in and how you function within that environment. When you are more aware of how you relate to others, a greater number of choices about how you can be or behave are also open to you. 

“If a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo today, a month later it may cause a hurricane in Brazil.”

The Collapse of Chaos, Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart