??? Walking Therapy | Headroom Counselling
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Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk and Eco Therapy could be liberating for anyone who might find sitting down to talk in a counselling room difficult, or for anyone who would just rather be outdoors as they explore challenges and personal issues. Being side by side as we “walk and talk”, surrounded and supported by the space of the natural environment, can feel so much easier than being contained in what may feel like a more intense setting indoors.

What are the benefits of Walk and Talk and Eco Therapy?

  • Being in the outdoors is healing in itself and the natural environment can enable you to get a perspective on what is going on for you
  • Research already shows the psychological, physiological and spiritual benefits of being outside
  • Walking is known to be one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and combining walking with counselling has been seen to be both highly effective and a powerful source of healing
  • Walking has been proven to help improve and regulate a range of both physical and emotional issues including anxiety, stress, depression, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Walking Therapy is a successful way of exploring aspirations and dreams and strengthening creative thinking processes

Make sense of your feelings

Step by step, at your own pace, and with the support of the natural environment, we are able to make sense of your feelings, thoughts, experiences and hopes in a way that enhances your wellbeing and helps you move forward.

Open up freely

For those with busy lives, for whom exercise and time outdoors may be difficult to achieve, walking therapy can provide a vital opportunity to feel connected to nature, open up more freely and feel energised in the process.

Our first meeting

I offer a number of different starting points in or close to Keynsham, but our first meeting is always indoors at my practice in Keynsham. This session gives me the opportunity to collect some details about you and also to get a sense of what is going on for you and whether I am the right person to work with you just now. It also gives you the chance to see if you want to work with me!

Please do contact me if you would like to learn more about walking therapy and explore how it might work for you.

“You helped me to pull aside the layers protecting and shielding me from pain. You made me see that it was not wrong to enjoy myself and that doing things for me was not selfish or weak but made me stronger and more able to cope – thank you”